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Landscape Installation and Maintenance in Baton Rouge, LA

Outdoor Lighting – Well-designed outdoor lighting will bring your backyard or outdoor office space to life after the sun goes down. Whether that means installing path lights, wall mounts, tree lights, ceiling mounts or any other lighting fixture, River City Landscaping are experts to trust when it comes to illuminating the great outdoors.

Commercial Services – If you’re looking to spruce up your business, River City Landscaping can provide any of the above-listed services at your office building. Installation, maintenance, delivery, irrigation and so much more.

Hardscaping – Installing hardscaping – such as a well-manicured stone path, a built-in outdoor grill or fountain – can turn an average backyard into a hub for fun and relaxation. Consider River City Landscaping as your hardscape experts before you begin your next big project.

Whatever your residential or commercial landscaping project calls for, River City Landscaping provides full, expert landscaping services across the Baton Rouge area. Contact a member of the River City Landscaping staff for more information by calling 225-364-2024 or visiting us online today.

Hardscape Experts in Baton Rouge, LA

Professional Landscaping Services in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Sod and Mulch Installation – Looking to install luscious green grass in your yard? What about sod to help protect your existing shrubs and flower beds? The pros at River City Landscaping will bring premium sod and mulch to your doorstep and provide expert installation.

Seasonal Color – Installing some seasonal color can quickly and easily breathe new, bright life into any landscape. River City Landscaping are trusted experts when it comes to getting those new summer or winter annuals installed and maintained at the start of the season.

Drainage Systems – A well-placed drainage system can be a great addition for those who have a lush lawn they wish to protect, as it will prevent water from puddling in one or two areas and damaging certain plants. River City Landscaping can help you safeguard your beloved lawn by installing and maintaining adequate drainage systems.

Irrigation Systems – An irrigation system can go a long way toward conserving water and, in turn, help you avoid excessively high water bills due to over-watering. For more than 20 years our staff has been installing irrigation systems in the Baton Rouge area and can get your yard equipped with a properly designed and effective irrigation system with little-to-no hassle. 

​Landscape Installation – River City Landscaping will handle any of your landscape installation projects. Whether you want to put in new rock, plant bushes or install a feature requiring water or electricity – No installation project is too big or too small.

Landscape Maintenance – Landscape maintenance is key when caring for your installation projects, new or old. River City Landscaping provides an expert’s touch when it comes to trimming and shaping bushes, removing excess brush and plants and keeping your current greenery healthy.

Seasonal Color Landscape Installation in Baton Rouge, LA
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From fertile grass and lush flowers to well-designed stone and hardscaping fixtures, beautifully maintained landscaping can be the ultimate complement to a beautiful home or business. River City Landscaping understands this better than anyone.

Our expert landscaping staff provides full service residential and commercial landscaping throughout the Baton Rouge area with the utmost attention to detail. Irrigation, installation, drainage, you name it – River City Landscaping has your next landscaping project covered.

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